How to turn a cheap barrel drum into a stunning raised garden bed

If you're looking for your next DIY project, you'll love the creative ways these two turned plastic barrels into raised garden beds. The first is a simple project that can be completed in an hour or two, while the second requires a bit more time.
You can typically purchase these used barrels for less than $20 from companies or from sellers online. A word of caution: Always find out what was stored in the barrel before using it in your garden. Ideally, choose containers used to store food-grade products or water.
1. In-ground garden bed
For this project, you'll need a 55-gallon plastic barrel (you can use a smaller barrel if that's all you have).
Step 1: Use a circular saw to cut your barrel in half long-ways. (you'll get two raised beds from each barrel).
Step 2: Drill holes in the bottom of each half to provide drainage for your plants. A larger drill bit will make it easier to get through the plastic.
Step 3: Dig space in your garden or yard to fit your beds. Place your beds in, pack dirt around the edges to keep it in place and start planting your favorite bushes or flowers.
Pro: We like that this project is straight forward. You can even make adjustments to each bed if you need to go around poles or pipes.
Con: It's a bit unattractive as is. Perhaps a coat of paint on the outside or some decorative bricks around the edge would dress it up a bit.
Watch the full video below.
2. Aquaponics grow bed
If you prefer a stand-alone planter check out this idea. With plenty of planting space, it can even accommodate a watering system.
Step 1: Prep the barrels by measuring and cutting your barrel in half long-ways. Do not cut through the cap holes you'll need them later on. You can use a hand saw or jig saw.
Step 2: Assemble your frame using 4x2 pieces of wood and spacers. The legs are made 3x3 pieces of wood. You can cap off the entire thing with 3x1 capping rails so it looks finished. (Note: when constructing your frame, make sure all of your holes are aligned at the same height if you plan to install a pipe system).
If desired, you can install a system that will fill and drain each barrel, using pipes attached to the cap holes. You can find more details about that part of the project in this video.
Pros: This project looks great and it gives you more options in terms of drainage.
Con: Not much. This project just takes a bit of time.
Check out the full video below.
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